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Streamside Ministry exist to nurture a Christ-centered young generation planted by a stream of Living Water, deeply rooted in the Word of God, standing firm in their God-given identity, and bearing fruit in its season in preparation for the Lord’s return.

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How God Led us to Engage with Next Generation

It has been our recent observation that college ministry is increasingly becoming a "rescue and recover" as we reflect upon more than two decades of collegiate ministry. It is now common to see freshman with broken worldview and spirituality even if they have been attending church. Many come with much spiritual and emotional hurts, bitterness at spiritual authority, and utterly lacking vibrant relationship with the living God. College ministry has become focused on undoing misconceptions and healing hurts so that we might have a chance to truly share the Gospel.

This has led us to see what needs to be done before students enter college. Before the foundations of wrapped self-image and un-Christian perspectives set in, before the big decisions of life are made, while many are still questioning and open to the idea of God is where we should be. That means we need to reach our youth. We launched Streamside Ministry as we pray that God will use it to reach our next generation with the love of Jesus!

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